Not in a long time have I been so pleased to reach my doormat to discover what the postman has delivered.

For among the birthday cards for my son and the plethora of Christmas cards (don’t you people realise I’m a Satanist by now?!) was a small parcel from Santa Cruz, California.

I opened it with haste as I knew that enclosed was the new album from Mudface, “The Bane Of Existence”.


I’ve been looking forward to this album for a very long time. (Since 2012’s “Anti-” was released – yes, I am that impatient!)

Mudface had already released an album teaser and two lyric videos on YouTube, “Fed To The Lions” and “Anthem” which gave fans an insight into what to expect but never this.


Hope you enjoyed them!

This is the part where I’m supposed to say why and where “The Bane Of Existence” has moved on from “Anti-”, what improvements there are in the production, the strength of the songs and so on but I just don’t have the words. I think professional authors call this ‘writer’s block’!

What I will say though is that it does not disappoint and the rework of “Killshot” (from “Anti-”) is a pleasant surprise.

So please, go ahead and grab yourself a copy!

In Short, this album made me smile like I had a smile stretching from New York to San Francisco!

Which takes me nicely to the next part of the post…

So how did I hear about Mudface?

We need to go all the way back to 2007…

I received an invite on My Space (remember that?) from Death Angel‘s Ted Aguilar to see Prong in San Francisco with his current band Mudface who he was playing in during some Death Angel downtime.

I accepted the invite as I was going to be visiting family for Thanksgiving and he was like, “Whoa! Are you actually gonna be there?”

Damn right I was! Roll on the 19th of November 2007!

I went to the gig at Annie’s Social Club my brother Richard who has the misfortune of living in nearby South San Francisco (South City to the locals) and met up with Ted who introduced us to the rest of the band with whom I particularly got on with bassist Ron Pitchford.

withmudfaceinsfcLeft to Right: Ted Aguilar (Guitar), Me, Rich Pia (Guitar), Chris Dinsmore (Vocals), Ron Pitchford (Bass), Mike Carlington (Drums)

Me n Ron ended up getting pretty wasted that night after Mudface had played. I recall the porter being somewhat delightful!

But it wasn’t just about the booze. Our musical tastes, our humour and our conversation were all on the level. It was one of those ‘meant to be’ meetings where everything was perfect. And insane!

I stayed in touch with Mudface and, thanks to Facebook, am still in touch but unfortunately, as is with bands, things change and members move on etc, and with Ted obviously having his Death Angel commitments singer Chris Dinsmore is the only remaining member from the line up I saw in 2007.

Since then I have been promoting Mudface as much as I can by means of social media, having their music played a local gigs and festivals, wearing T Shirts everywhere I go, getting them played on UK and US radio shows and simple word of mouth to help them achieve their Mission Statement: World Domination.

So I think I can proudly post my Mudface tattoo and a photo of the thanks list from “The Bane Of Existence”.

mudfacetattooTattoo by Andy Joss at K2 Body Art. Andy now works at Venus Ink Tattoos in Dundee.


I am truly honoured to be a part of Mudface history and look forward to being a part of their future.

Watch out World!

Mudface Current Line up:

Chris Dinsmore – Vocals

Rob Kolowitz – Guitar

Grant Kolowitz – Guitar

Jim Pegram – Bass

Brett Crane – Keys, Vocals

Tim Davis – Drums

Useful Links

Mudface Official Web Page





Bands In Town



A few photos!,b                                                                     pier39withronp2008novPier 39, San Francisco November 2008. Left to Right: Juan Reynoso (One of my best mates in San Francisco, Richard Tyler (My Brother), Me (Wearing the obligatory Anihilated shirt for that holiday), Ron Pitchford.


mudfacenathanNathan from Spyder Byte supporting his favourite band!

I was intending to add some videos of the gig I attended however due to a discrepancy over the date I will add them in a separate post at a later time. In the mean time please enjoy “Knuckles” from “Anti-“.


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This blog was composed whilst the news of the death of Lemmy was announced. In respect I postponed publication for a few days. Rest in Peace Lemmy and Thanks for all the NOISE!

#RIPLemmy #fuckcancer


One thought on “Mudface

  1. The best thing about being in Mudface is that you and I became friends….well, that and all the chicks….and the free booze…etc.


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