Spyder Byte – “Addictive”


‘In your face Sleaze Metal’. That’s the description on Spyder Byte’s Facebook page. ‘A high energy Sleaze Metal band with a punk attitude’.

I’ve seen Spyder Byte a few times now and knowing how good they play live I was obviously looking forward to “Addictive” being released.

But I had my reservations.

Sometimes when a band release their first album it can be a step backwards for many reasons. Lack of knowledge with studio processes, poor engineering and the like.

But also the time spent recording and getting it to the release stage, that in that time the band has progressed and the album ends up being a snapshot from the past.

Thankfully Spyder Byte haven’t got caught in that web (Sorry!) and “Addictive” has encapsulated what they do live.

From the opening track “Infestation”, with its raw Rock n Roll sound, you get the feeling this is going to be a cracking album.

And it is.

“In your Face” has superb guitar work that continues throughout, and I’d like to know how they came up with “Strip Club Blues” and the lyrics therein (I know how old they are!). And “Moonshine”? What a stonker! (Is that word still used to describe songs?)

NB: The above make for an excellent trio to add to a driving compilation if ever you’re making one.

Before you know it, the albums eight tracks are over with the chugging “Addictive Poison” leaving you wanting more good, no great, music.

Whether you call it Rock n Roll, Sleaze Metal or whatever label you want, the Facebook statement is bang on. And so is this album. A must buy in my books.

Spyder Byte is:

Daniel David Cooper Lawrence – Lead Vocals

C.C – Lead Guitar

Luke Naylar – Rhythm Guitar

Nathan “Scamp” Hammond – Bass guitar and backing vocals

Connör Godfrey – Drums and backing vocals

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