Metal 2 The Masses 2016 Heat 1


As many of you know I am unable to attend M2TM this year due to having a medical procedure in the latter part of 2015 so I thought I’d try something a little different this year a post a blog about the bands competing at The Red Lion to play this years Bloodstock Open Air Festival week by week with a review of their music from sources listed on their Facebook page. I’ll also let you know who gets through the heat. I’m nice like that! Playing the first heat this year was Prolapse A.D., Vanity Of Idols, Detoxen and Near Ruin.


I’ve seen all but Vanity of Idols before so I’ll start with them. There isn’t much on their Facebook page so I had a listen to the songs on the Soundcloud link. These are all instrumentals and sound like the type of recording I’d do of my brother’s band on a – then modern – tape recorder in a practice room back in 1984/5. So I clicked the link to their website which is still under construction so offers me nothing further to go on. A scroll down the Facebook page reveals a video from this gig from the ZocaloNation YouTube channel. Phew, I can now listen to Vanity Of Idols!


Facebook describes Vanity Of Idols as Hard Rock/Metal but this doesn’t give (me anyway) much Metal. That said, I do like the Hard Rock / NWOBHM sound which always gets a thumb up from me. A couple of mates that did go to the gig enjoyed them and said they had a thick sound and a good mix of riffs and melodies. Now that has got to be worth checking out when I can.

Click here for Vanity Of Idols photos of the gig taken by Nathan Hammond Photography.

 I’ll look at the rest of the bands in alphabetical order…

Detoxen describe themselves as an old skool thrash metal band with heavy riffs, harsh vocals and huge amounts of energy. Having seen them once before I can certainly say this statement is true. Especially the energy side of things. But then I am in my mid 40’s and anyone under 30 has more energy than me. Much more! They have a nice looking Bandcamp page and listening to them really does take me back 25 – 30 years to the days of early Thrash Metal which, if this is what they’re intending the listener to feel, is absolutely perfect with me. It always makes me smile knowing that the youth of today are as enthusiastic about Thrash as I was at their age (and younger) and are keeping the flame alive. Keep up the great work guys


Thanks again to ZocaloNation for this video.

Having seen Near Ruin a few times the thing that always stands out in my mind is their DIY light show. Even at a venue with relatively good lighting! However that doesn’t tell you about the music. Alternative Metalcore blending synth, piano, melodic and hardcore influences delivering their own unique edge to the modern music scene is how their Facebook page describes them. And I agree. Although I’m not a huge Metalcore fan by any stretch of the imagination Near Ruin certainly do play a great show and clearly enjoy what they are doing. There isn’t a video from their M2TM set on ZocaloNation so have one of mine!


I’ve not seen Near Ruin since I recorded this video and with this being almost 2 years ago I bet they were blinding at this gig. They also have a Bandcamp page and a YouTube channel where the following video can be seen.

Click here for Near Ruin photos of the gig taken by Nathan Hammond Photography.

Well what can one say about Prolapse A.D.? Their Facebook page says it all really! ‘Thrash metal with just a hint of irony and a disregard of its own self. Mirth and riffary with tongue firmly in cheek!’ In other words, don’t take things too seriously. In fact, don’t take things seriously at all! They are five very talented musicians with a stupid amount of years experience between them so don’t let their Spinal Tap fool you! I’ve only seen Prolapse A.D. once. In fact they were just plain old ‘Prolapse’ when I saw them. And I have to say, yes, I enjoyed them. They were having fun. Taking the piss. And having more fun. It was outside at The Red Lion at the annual Herofest. I had fun. And those that watched them had fun. And I’m sure everyone at M2TM had fun watching them too! Prolapse A.D. have a Bandcamp page but don’t use the link on Facebook as at time of writing has not been updated to A.D.!


I just thought I’d add a Zocalo video as they have previously won M2TM and played at Bloodstock and are very supportive of the local / underground music scene. It also gives a nice break between my typing to give you the evening’s result. And I’ve been using their videos on this post!

Result: In first place was Prolapse A.D. and second was Detoxen. Both bands go through to the semi final. Congratulations to you all.

Well, that just about wraps this post up. Sorry it’s taken a while post gig but I’ve been busy. Thanks again to Zocalo (see you all soon).

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2 thoughts on “Metal 2 The Masses 2016 Heat 1

  1. Hey there. Lead singer of Vanity of idols here! Our ep “V.O.I” launches on 20th Feb on iTunes, Spotify, bandcamp… Everywhere! Our website will also be lunching around the same time. Hopefully you can come see us live, or listen to the ep When it’s out and then write a review 🙂


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