Station Twenty7

Station Twenty7 - Beyond The Darkness

My absolute love and devotion to Anihilated is somewhat legend in the world of Metal. My first blog on here will hopefully settle any argument there! It was guitarist Mark Beuchet who I first started talking to and during their hiatus and since his departure from Anihilated we have been in touch and he has continued to make music. Some heavy, some not so heavy. But I have, nonetheless, supported what he has done as he is, let’s face it, an amazing musician. So when Mark unleashed Station Twenty7 for all to hear and see I was obviously a little excited. Just a little!

This release coincided with my birthday so I instantly treated myself to ordering a CD and downloaded the digital version immediately to all of my devices for my listening pleasure! Check out the video of “Before The Gates” to see what I mean…


See what I mean?

This album is definitely for fans of early Thrash Metal and those that like a bit of melody in their Thrash. Yes, it works! And if you’re a fan of early Anihilated or good old fashioned fast Heavy Rock you will not be disappointed.

All I can tell you about the songs is that there is a concept behind them that centres around those in power that have fucked everything up for everyone. Those in power are in hiding in various stations strategically placed around the country and it follows the quest of one man seeking revenge on the state; but one statesman in particular.

There is no lyric sheet provided so you have to listen to the words and come to your own conclusion. But be warned, you have to pay attention because it isn’t plain sailing!

This is Mark’s first solo album which features vocals from Rob Durrant (Kemakil) and Chewy (Blacktop Harrison), along with guest guitar solos from Spencer Lee Horton (Mohawk / Space Rocks), Todd Manning (Anihilated) and Rob Durrant. And with lyrics provided by the inimitable Si Cobb (Anihilated) you know you’re in for a truly awesome slice of Heavy Metal.

You can get your copy by clicking the album cover photo at the top of the page and following the links for (Limited Edition) CD or Download.

Finally, if you like this I’m reliably informed that there is going to be a sequel which is already being worked on. Now that makes me a little excited. Just a little!



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