Metal 2 The Masses 2016 Heat 2

This fortnight’s M2TM at Leos Red Lion features Alive In Lights, AffluenzA, Orphan Gears and Scars Of Sense. As with last week I’ll look at the bands I’ve not seen before first and let you know which two bands have made it through to the Semi Final. Also, as before, I’ll be relying on social media to review the bands. Especially if I’ve not seen them before and this time there’s two!

First up is Alive In Lights. Their Facebook page describes them as a hard rock / metal band with a set of hard hitting songs with melodic riffs and strong vocals. So I head over to their Bandcamp page and find one release from July 2014; a three track Promo CD which I am pleasantly surprised with. It’s exactly what it says on the tin and the production is excellent but it is nearing two years old and I would really like to see some newer material released but on the whole great stuff and I look forward to seeing them play some time.


Scars Of Sense Facebook page says they are a Folk Metal band and looking at the comment on this video from ZocaloNation this is their debut gig.


I’m not so sure about this being Folk Metal. It’s Heavy Metal for sure but just because there is a violin added to the mix doesn’t automatically make it Folk Metal. I’m only guided by who I’ve heard in this genre before and they don’t sound like this. So I’m not sure how I’d catergorise it if I had to. But this is Metal and Scars Of Sense play it well. For me, I’d like more violin and for Elien to be more up front and involved. Jumping around along with Alfie and, of course, I’m only going by this video. I will also take my hat off to ScarsOf Sense. First gig and they play Metal 2 The Masses. RESPECT.

Ahhh… AffluenzA… London based Groove Metal band I’ve had the pleasure of seeing once before. Featuring guitarists Stuart James Cook (The Inbreds) and Marcel Contreras Chalk (The Heretic Order), then add vocalist Cletus Van Damme (Pure Negative) to the mix and, well, see for yourselves!


What’s not to like? Definitely a force to be reckoned with and a serious contender for winning this years M2TM.


Orphan Gears is another band I’ve only seen once before. But they are one of those bands that  leaves a good impression and a smile on your face. And with Rob Gamblin (Zocalo, The Inbreds) on drums you just know you’re onto a win or they would not have his talents tapping for them. They certainly know how to groove. And have great fun doing it! There really isn’t much more I can say about Orphan Gears other than if you like to get down with the band and have a great gig then go and see them. They’ll have you tapping your toes quicker than a toe tapper that’s just won a competition for toe tapping! And if that doesn’t make you want to check them out I don’t know what will.

As for this heats results, I don’t know the winning order however I do know that AffluenzA and Orphan Gears have gone through to the semi finals. So well done guys and good luck in getting to Bloodstock.

Finally, a Zocalo video to say thanks to ZocaloNation for the footage of this heat.


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