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I was really happy when I got a YouTube notification from Dysgracelands of a new EP from Word Of Nod. I listened to it immediately and loved it. I clicked the like button and being super proud that I was the first to do so I sent a message to frontman Peter Owden to tell him and to say how much I liked it.

Peter thanked me for my comments and said he was about to make a big band announcement on their Facebook page.

The next line in his message brought my euphoria back down to Earth with a big fucking thud.

“Sadly, the band has broken up.”

My reply to Peter was simple but to the point.


Without a doubt Word Of Nod are one of the best bands I had the pleasure of meeting, recording and publishing on my YouTube channel in the last few years.

I first saw them at The Ivy in Sheerness at a Metal 2 The Masses show. They were playing with two Metal bands and a Hardcore band. I’ll not go into it in detail now but you can read my review of the evening HERE.

If you took the time to read it (thankyou) you’ll have noted that Word Of Nod won the heat and went straight through to the M2TM final.

They didn’t get to play Bloodstock, but when they played the final they were bloody amazing. They put on a superb show and certainly gained a lot of fans who were, primarily, there to see Metal bands. And Word Of Nod definitely aren’t your average Metal band. In fact I wouldn’t describe them as Metal at all.

So, what are they like? I hear you ask.

Have a  listen to the album in full here:


I didn’t get round to writing the review I wanted to for this immense album. I do however have a few notes saved which I think sums it up nice and succinctly. If you want to read a more detailed description of the song content for “Brainwash Anthems” scroll to the end after “The Beam”.

“A dark and moving album that ventures into the innermost thoughts, beliefs and alter ego of Nod. Dealing with personal and social issues, revenge seeking, the history of humanity and how unbearable love is and the very thought of it. All with slightly anarcho-gothic tendencies. What’s not to like?”

I hope you’ll agree with me that it is a hard hitting album. Pure no bullshit Rock n Roll played as it should be played. Heartfelt and meaningful. And I think that’s why I instantly liked them.

I’ll leave it at that and add the last post on the Word Of Nod Facebook page. Let’s hope it isn’t the end of the road for these fantastic musicians.

Okay so here is a little announcement, which is painful to say. After a brief break, its time for Word of Nod to go our separate ways as a band, at least for the time being. It has been an awesome time for us and we’ve loved playing music together and we’ve met some fabulous people, sharing stages with some really amazing musicians.
Please play our EP which is our parting gift. Four tracks we recorded last year just before circumstances took over for us all. Play the songs loud and jump about the room as if you were at one of our gigs. Hopefully in the near future, the elements would be together that mean we are back in your face and screaming again… It has been a blast.
And as we always end one of our shows….”Adios Amigos”


Brainwash Anthems

“We know what you are doing with your little symbols, and with your pawns, using the media and music industry to flex muscles.”

Miss Nod: An ode to the female ying of Nod’s yang. The fantasy of what she’d be like if Nod was a woman. Not in the context of a transgender but more in the thought of a female paradigm of his personality. From a younger time of self abuse where thoughts of commitment were that of another world. Although he harboured a love for the thought of love, he feared it, boxed it and buried it in a deep, dark chamber in his heart and mind. Miss Nod is that thought.

“That is why she’s gone.”

Heartworm (Parts 1, 2 & 3): A concept of the seemingly unattainable in the body, mind and spirit from the simple desire for a mate to the mind control of the elite.

A “Heartworm” is a parasite spread throughout the animal kingdom, predominantly canines, the worm eating the heart until death of the host. This concept has been used to describe self-loathing, jealousy and greed.

Part 1 is the ‘woman’ on the pedestal. The untouchable and her infallible manner as thought of by the self loather. The desire of a cockroach to be crushed by the foot of it’s human muse to at least have received recognition in some way from her.

Part 2 is the return journey, the tables are turned. For the muse is merely flesh, and once tasted the desire is lost. Inside is the concept that we are all the desire of someone be it sexual or in cerebral admiration.

“I hope you found my lyrics absurd.”

A heartworm eats the dogs heart and no dog is safe. Even the black dog (depression).

Part 3: The promised land and the rule of the elitist desire to achieve it and tread on all that stand in the way. The worm that eats the heart of the dog. (The Illuminati eats the spirit of humanity to destroy opposition.)

“They make a living out of death, bottled gas out of breath.”

Can You Survive?: We have such a fucked up view of our existence. Making up rules governed by out of context values it’s a miracle we deserve to survive.

“Once you paint on a smile it’s stuck there for life in their eyes.”

Once you submit, they’ve got you.

Starving to Death in the Belly of a Whale: More madness and disdain at the world. The whale has eaten you. It’s eating off you and it cares not for your continual survival, but would prefer you to experience it’s control for a long painful and insane time before your demise.

A Tender Subject: An ex girlfriend went on to stardom. When meeting her again many years later and told him everything of how well her life had been since they broke up, finally, she asks how he’s been.

“Well, I’ve had a nervous breakdown.”

Sleeping with Susan: Argentinian Jewish newspaper editor Jacobo Timerman’s account of his own incarceration during the 70s Civil War.

“Prisoner Without a Name. Cell Without a Number.”

An account detailed in this book tells of a steel bed frame linked to powerful electric currents used as torture in the military clandestine prisons. It became known as ‘Sleeping with Susan’ and many died from this treatment. It’s a symbol of how we continue to hate simply because of stupidity and segregation. We don’t hate. It’s nonsense. It’s just ignorance and lack of empathy.

As artist Francis Bacon perfectly summarised how we have ‘evolved’; “The history of humanity is the history of insanity.”

Irreals: The title refers to the subjunctive. A grammatical term generally in Latin languages where the expression of desire, wish, hope and blessing changes the verb structure of the sentence. Modus Irrealis is the name of of this concept; the unreal mood.

“My only hope is when I’m dead they never find her body inside my head!”

It’s a love song. Her body is so perfect she lives in the writer’s mind. So much that he fears she will be found in flesh inside his posthumous brain.

Like That Smile: Another love song. Or rather, a love to love song. The desire so unbearable. The weakness of such a black heart to ever fulfil such a desire to love.

May Contain Attitude: About a boss that makes someones life so painful they decided they had three choices. Have them killed, torment them with vengeful pranks for the rest of their life, or, as catharsis, write this song.

Towards leaving that job they send email was sent to the boss protesting against their bullying manner with a warning that the email may contain attitude. Something they knew would rip open them a new asshole of loathing towards them and shit black stools of venom upon them!

Six Feet Above Ground: Whatever happens, it’s important to remain alive. Keep the brain six feet above the earth. Keep standing. Keep focused on the battle. Keep standing tall. Keep resisting.

Expect us.

Thankyou Peter for sharing this with me.


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